Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course

How to get out of the nonprofit burnout cycle and get prepared for GROWTH in 2020 and beyond

A Ten-Module System with Downloadables and Action Steps

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Are you Ready for the Best Year Ever for Your Nonprofit?

 This is the year to INCREASE Multiple (Sustainable) Streams of Income for your Nonprofit

The time to get prepared is NOW

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course will get your nonprofit prepared for the year.

You've started to get prepared in the past, but you always get caught up in 24/7 virtual fires.

Nonprofit Leaders: This is for you if:

  • You are burned out of the same old fundraisers
  • You always miss the deadline for that 'perfect' grant 
  • You are overwhelmed with putting out virtual fires every day instead of focusing on GROWTH for your nonprofit

Freelance Consultants: This is for you if:

  • You are a consultant and want an easy to learn and easy to customize service to help those nonprofits get more funding
  • You want multiple streams of income
  • You want to learn clear action steps in a simple way that will make you the expert

However, you’re struggling with two things. 1. How to advance a nonprofit without it taking TONS of time 2. Not knowing exactly 'what' to do that will bring the greatest benefits for a nonprofit

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course  

When you join The Nonprofit Stategic Planning Master Course you get access to the full course including:  

Limited Bonus. Strategic Planning Calendar Everything you need to change your planning forever

47 video tutorial lessons. All accessible in our easy-to-use, fully mobile optimized custom learning platform. 

25 Step-by-step checklists and worksheets. Customized to your productivity plan, we give you a walkthrough on everything that needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

One 30-minute 1-on-1 Call with Holly: Included! ($75 value). Because you have specific questions and challenges that you need immediate feedback on! 

Access to the Private FB Group. Learn from others and have direct contact with Holly.

Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls with Holly. This is a specialized group that only course members have access to.

Certificate of Completion. You want to increase your credibility, right? This Certificate of Completion will be delivered to you once you finish the course!

Lifetime Access. You have unlimited access to all of the material to take at your own pace and reference long into the future. Also, Holly always updates courses and adds new bonuses. You will always get access to any updates and new bonuses.

Nonprofit Strategic Planner: Get an e-planner that organizes your nonprofit for implementing all elements from the course!

Lifetime 50% Discount on 1-on-1 Calls with Holly: Because a 30-minute phone call can literally save you hundreds of hours!


or six monthly payments of $85

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Because Life Gets Crazy  

If you don’t figure this out, your nonprofit (or the nonprofits you serve) will remain in a frustrating cycle of exhaustion.

You will operate on a shoestring budget and remain in lack, never knowing if you can keep on your staff. 

You will definitely not be able to give consistent pay increases year to year or even (gasp) offer health benefits consistently. 

Because of this, your well-trained staff may leave your nonprofit at any moment and with them all the institutional knowledge and systems.  

As a freelance consultant, if you don't learn strategic planning then it is going to be frustrating when you need to help your clients build internal capacity to increase their grant funding. 

Plus, you are going to get asked to help with strategic planning. 

Without knowing (and having the downloadables!) to lead nonprofit's forward in strategic planning, you are hanging on one stream of income with grant writing.  

But the problem is for you is that you don't really know where to start with strategic planning

  • You don't have an agenda with downloadables to lead you through a comprehensive, yet streamlined, system. 
  • You need a system to follow without guess work. 
  • You don't have hundreds of hours to learn. 
  • You need short tutorials with downloadables that you can accomplish in a day-long retreat or throughout board meetings.  

You might be thinking... 

  • How much does one EVEN start with strategic planning? 
  • What is the secret to get out of 24/7 virtual fires without overwhelm?  

You know your nonprofit (or the nonprofits you work with) can make a steady income (others are doing it, right?) but you have a few hurdles...  

  • First, you don't even know where to start with strategic planning. 
  • Second, even if you download some YouTube videos you are sure what is proven to work.  
  • Third, if you don't do something you know that nonprofit will just keep spiraling in overwhelm and month to month operating with at any moment threatening to have no income.  

Who Has this Helped?

This was exactly like a nonprofit I worked with in Marine Conservation. 

With an extremely small staff consisting of an unpaid executive director, part-time bookkeeper, and interns they operated on a shoestring budget in the beginning. After three years of operations, there were able to secure some grants and increase their volunteer base. 

However, grants only funded certain projects and operational costs (including the executive director pay!) was non-existent. Therefore, they hired me to come and implement this strategic planning over a course of two, half-day meetings and several board of director meetings. 

Literally, this was done in about 12 hours.  

The changes were dynamic and immediate. 

  • Firstly, they immediatly got to know each other's intentions with the nonprofit which was enlightening. 
  • Secondly, they nailed down their SWOT anlaysis and realized their mission and vision statement were WAY off course. They redesigned a mission statement and vision statment with buy-in from the entire board and volunteers.
  • Thirdly, they reflected on their resources and target demographic. This was instrumental to then implement goals, objectives, and activities for their annual planning. 

This resulted in identifying their resource mapping and within a month securing another grant for a project that actually made sense to their mission (and funded their executive director) and launching a gala which was able to fund additional operational exepenses while dramatically increasing their prescense in the community.  

Within 12 hours (in total), this nonprofit conducted the planning necessary that increased their annual income five-fold within months. That is just the initial response. The indirect effect of building credibility and increasing partners in the community has long-term effects of exponentially increasing income in a sustainable way.

This is not the only example. 

Individuals who have taken this course online have also had dramatic effects. 

Samantha was a new executive director to a nonprofit who was completely restructuring their branding. She watched the videos and then led weekly meetings with her staff to do the downloadables. 

This resulted in a smooth transition to her new branding, increased efficiency in scheduling fundraising and grant deadlines, and buy-in from the community. 

She also increased her reputation and capacity as an executive director, gaining respect from her board of directors and from her staff. 

What about freelance consultants? 

Providing strategic planning for nonprofits has also helped me as a consultant to increase my ability to help nonprofits and my income! 

I have been able to conduct both in-person and online training for SO many nonprofits. 

This has increased my reputation as a consultant in the community, has helped me guide nonprofits into raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for operational funding, and has given me an additional stream of income when the grant season isn't as heavy.  


  • What you want is to increase the effectiveness (and income) of your nonprofit in a sustainable way without it taking hundreds of hours of your (and your staff's) precious time. 
  • You want to have a streamlined system to guide you so you can be an effective facilitator. 
  • You want your staff to be happy and to actually earn a living so they stick around and are fulfilled. 
  • You want to advance the mission of your nonprofit! 
  • You want to never miss a grant deadline again. 
  • You want the entire year scheduled out with a checklist so all activities are done effectively and no one is burned out. 
  • If you are a freelancer, you want to be the golden expert that helps nonprofits reach all the above. 
  • You also want an additional stream of income that also helps nonprofits reach their goals. 
  • You want to relieve the stress of only relying on grant writing.  


“Holly’s commitment to supporting the growth and reach of nonprofits across the world is impressive.  She has a unique way of sharing her knowledge in a way that is easily digestible.”

Nikki R. Jones, Nonprofit Communications Consultant 

"After attending one of Holly's two-day courses, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to take her beta Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and her courses are organized, comprehensive and provide you with resources that you can take with you and use for years to come.  Holly's Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course assisted our organization successfully disaffiliate from a national organization and create the groundwork for a completely local program that continues to grow and thrive.  Thank you Holly for continuing to put out courses and resources to assist nonprofits successfully work towards their missions."

Samantha Taitano, Executive Director Mañe'lu formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam

“Holly Rustick is a great grant writer, teacher and coach. I have been one of her students since November 2018, when I took one of her online classes. I was working on a grant for my 501c3, MDR Disaster Relief and Veterans Outreach Inc. and had a question. Holly was right there to guide us. She has helped us tremendously by giving us valuable input about our mission statement, our press release, and our vision statement. Holly is currently in Guam but has still been their every time we have had a question. Without her, our organization couldn’t have gotten to the point we are today. Thanks to Holly's help we are prepared to start writing grants to start a veteran homeless and training program. Holly is a vast encyclopedia of knowledge not only about writing grants but also about where to find them. She is very eager to teach as long as you are willing to learn. I have taken many courses through the American Red Cross, FEMA, the military, and college. In that time I can remember only a handful of instructors that made such a long-lasting impression on me; Holly is one of them. Thank you Holly for all you have done and all you are going to do to help our organization so that we will be able to help the veterans and first responders out there.”

Joseph Ryan CEO/ President, MDR Disaster Relief and Veterans Outreach Inc.  

“Sometimes the simplest suggestions can yield the best results. When discussing our respective businesses, she encouraged me to investigate college interns as a way to increase capacity with an eye toward future growth, and training the next generation of nonprofit leaders. I did, calling my alma mater, Juniata College. It worked great. Thanks, Holly!”

Matt Hugg, Founder of Nonprofit.Courses  

"I have been working with Holly Rustick for two years. She has the ability to navigate through the grant processes with ease. She takes complicated ideas and programs and turns them into objectives and deliverables. She is able to bring life into a program through her writing and ability to comprehend different subject matters."

Julie Ann Hartup, Micronesian Conservation Coalition

“I am a fairly new grant writer and have transitioned into freelancing due to a military move. My wife is an active duty army officer and we recently moved from San Antonio to Honolulu. As you can imagine, I had to leave my job which is why I now freelance. I went from a manager in a warehouse to army combat medic, then to case management, and finally program management all in nonprofits. I have implemented some of the things Holly has suggested and recently wrote some smaller grants that got approved for a veterans program. Thanks for everything that you contribute to the community!”

Derrick Clark, CEO of DC Resolve  

“Even after three years Holly continues to inspire me and helps me to grow my business through her energy and relentless growth to deliver a better product and service. Thank you, Holly, for another three clients again last week!”

Meg Tyqueingco, CEO of Energetic Presence  

“Holly's advice, workshops, and her book were turning points for my nonprofit's growth. We improved our grant writing style and frequency and it resulted in thousands of dollars in community grants received by our organization's programs. We learned as a team and that was one key to our success. I recommend any organization who wants to get to the next level and not pull their hair out to jump right in.”

Leone Williams-Rohr, Executive Director of Parents Empowering Parents, Inc.  

How Can You Get There?

Every successful nonprofit organization and freelance grant writer has a system in place. 

They have learned to set time aside (and how to set time aside). 

They know all their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They know how to facilitate effectively. They have resource mapping organized through excel sheets.  

They know when and how to increase funding. 

They may share some tips with you, but they don't share the entire system with checklists, downloadables, and step-by-step video tutorials.  

I am going to share those with you Today! 

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course is a proven system that will help you find the time, overcome the overwhelm, and give you the tools to set up a nonprofit with sustainable funding this year.  

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course includes the knowledge and expertise gathered from years of working with and training nonprofits. 

When you join the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course you’ll access a 10-module program that will ensure that you advance your mission and increase your ability to reach diverse funding sustainability.  

For freelance consultants, you will also be ensured to gain an additional stream of income, expertise in nonprofit planning, and increase your reputation and credibility in your community. 

You’ll learn the exact mindsets, system, scheduling, and methods that I use to get nonprofits to enhance their entire organization and increase sustainable funding, as well as help nonprofit consultants increase their income 10-fold and grow their reputation.  

What Makes the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course Different?

#1: It is designed for both nonprofit leaders and freelance consultants. How I help nonprofits grow their financial and mission health for their nonprofits can also be how you do it! As a nonprofit leader you will learn how to facilitate the content from the videos with your team by also have downloadables and excel sheets that everyone can use! This creates natural buy-in from your team.  

As a freelance consultant, you can shadow me as I teach nonprofits. You also get the downloadables that you can adapt as your own!  

This course will show you how to improve your own nonprofit's sustainable funding and planning, as well as show you how to help others (and get paid for it!)! 

#2: It's simple If you have hundreds of hours of content and a 300-page manual, you're not going to get into it.  

If you have a myriad of content you are trying to learn from (i.e. random YouTube videos, downloadables from various sources) you are going to feel disjointed and things (links) are going to get lost. 

We need simple tools and methods that do just enough to: a) free up some of our time and b) make sure we getting the strategies done!  

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course is a simple system designed to help you actually conduct and implement your strategic planning.  

3. It is a step-by-step plan. I give you everything you need to ensure you increase your ability to get additional streams of income for your nonprofit or your freelance consultancy. 

This is not generic "just ask for more funding" kind of course. I've created a systematic plan that will help you stop living in overwhelm, get your planning done in a strategic way, and the efficiency and sustainable funding for your nonprofit.  

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course will provide the exact system you can use to get your strategic planning done as soon as possible so you can implement it and increase sustainability for your nonprofit or your consultancy.  

Inside the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course

Inside the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course you’ll find video lessons, downloadable worksheets and checklists, get access to a Private Facebook group, and have Live group monthly coaching with me! 

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course is a ten-module course that will walk you through your entire productivity plan.  

How it works  

FIRST: Define your mindset and schedule 

Most of nonprofit leaders and freelance consultants that I work with have a mindset that constantly hinders their success.  

After years of working alongside successful nonprofits and freelance consultants, I've learned the mindsets they bring to the nonprofit arena.  

I'll walk you through the mental barriers that hold you back from success, and teach you how to break them down and destroy them for good. I will also show you how to schedule out your strategic planning so it is never a course that you bought without finishing (of course, with great intentions to finish!) and to a course that you finish and implement the ENTIRE thing!  

SECOND: Conduct a SWOT Analysis

What if you were able to know every strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats of your nonprofit and know how to use your strengths to mitigate your threats? Or know how to use your opportunities to reduce your weaknesses? 

Learn how to use your SWOT to your advantage.  

Based on my experience and other nonprofit's experiences, I'll show you how you can efficiently conduct a SWOT analysis to effectively guide a nonprofit.

THIRD: Create the Best Mission and Vision Statements 

Successful nonprofits have an amazing mission and vision statements.  

However, this is much harder than it sounds. But there is a formula. 

I’ll walk you through how to create the best mission and vision statements for your nonprofit (even if you already have one). This will ensure that your nonprofit (or the nonprofits you work with) are always on task with creating the right projects and reaching their mission.  

FOURTH: Define Your Target Demographic and Conduct a Simple Needs & Strengths Assessment 

Merely believing you know what your target demographic is, is not good enough.  

Learn the tools and strategies to define your target demographic so you know you are serving the right people/movement. The Needs & Strengths Assessment will also show you how you get data from your target demographic so you know for a fact that you are designing the right projects.  

Plus, all this information that you get will provide data to help you win grants, secure more sponsors, increase your donations, and credibility of your nonprofit. 

Side Note: This can be a stand-alone service that you as a freelance consultant can offer nonprofits. 

FIFTH: Apply Resource Mapping to Increase Funding  

Tie it all together to create your custom Nonprofit Strategic Planning Resource Mapping.  

I'll walk you through exactly how to create a system that will ensure you can track your funding and that you increase funding with Monetary Resources and In-kind Resources. This will make increasing your sustainable funding a normal part of your nonprofit. 

SIXTH: Define Goals, Objectives, & Activities 

Without a plan, you will fail. Having an overarching goal for your nonprofit (or each main area of your nonprofit: Fiscal, Operations, Manpower) you will have no direction. I'll show you how to create goals, SMART objectives, and activities through timetables. 

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course provides downloadables you bring to your weekly staff meetings to ensure you are meeting progress on all efforts! No more of the 'who was supposed to do what and when' syndrome.

You will know exactly each and every step needed to move the needle forward to reach your nonprofit's goals, including who is responsible and when the due date is. 

SEVENTH: Prioritize Your Nonprofit's Projects  

Now you can tie together everything you learned. No more chasing the money with projects that fizzle out as soon as the funding ends.  

This module ensures that you create the BEST projects for your nonprofit to actually advance the mission of your nonprofit.  

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course provides you with the best tips, system, and advice to move the needle forward. Plus, you get a working excel budget! 

EIGHTH: Conduct Contingency Planning & Create a Logic Model Every successful nonprofit knows that contingencies are necessary! If something may not work, you identify it and create a solution and a sustainability plan. But how? That's what I teach you in simple steps. 

Plus, a logic model is a great resource to look at your projects in a snapshot view. But logic models can be SO overwhelming. Well, not this one. I give you some great examples, samples, and downloadable so you can be a pro at the bird's eye view to every project. 

As a bonus, grants often ask for logic models. So you will always stand out amongst the competition knowing how to create a logic model.  

NINTH: Develop Strategic Data Management Tracking You may be working on a million projects, but what data are you collecting? 

Is any of the tremendous effort that you put into running a nonprofit and running projects even being captured?

When you look back on last year do you really have a system that collects all the amazing things that your nonprofit has done? 

Chances are, that is a big fat 'no'. So many nonprofits I have worked with are doing amazing things, but never capture those amazing things! With this module, you WILL have a clear system (and excel sheets) to capture all the amazing things your nonprofit is doing.  

This creates data for your nonprofit that will help you WIN grants, create credibility with your beneficiaries and community, you can publish it on your website, have social media content, and get more corporate sponsors. 

TENTH: Schedule your nonprofit's calendar Do you actually have a calendar for the year? 

Do you know when and why you are doing each and every activity? 

Are you sure that each event won't collide with another event in the community? Are your quarters broken up into steps to reach each goal?  

Or, are you doing the same old fundraiser each year just because? Maybe you are missing that same grant deadline again this year (that you so promised yourself you wouldn't miss this year!) because time got away from you. 

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course will ensure that you get all your ducks in a row and have the most effective and BEST year ever for your nonprofit.  

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course offers 10 modules of training, 47 video lessons, and 25 downloadables with huge benefits — and huge results:

Bonuses included: 

  • Lifetime access to any updates of the course! 
  • Access to the Changemakers Private Facebook Page 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Monthly, Live Group Video Calls with Holly 

You can have a nonprofit strategic plan in place this year, heck even TODAY, with this Nonprofit Strategic Master Course.  

What’s next for you? 

Are you going to ensure that your Nonprofit is successful and prepared for the year? 

That your nonprofit or freelance consultancy can increase with additional (sustainable!) streams of income?  

Now is the time to make the decision about what’s next for you. 

You can keep on doing what you’ve been doing, and keep getting the same results. You can keep pushing back the success of your nonprofit.  

Or you can learn from my experience of working with nonprofits and freelance consultances and being obsessed with productivity — and save yourself years of frustration and spinning your wheels.  

To reach your goals of sustainable funding for your nonproit, you have to make a change.  

I've spent thousands of dollars and years of work to get the level of productivity training I'm offering you with this program.  

This is what you’ve been looking for: proven methods used by nonprofit leaders and freelance consultants that will have you getting your planning done so that your nonprofit grows capacity, increases funding, and advances mission. 

Let's get energized and focused. Because if you don't do it now, the chances of doing it "someday in the future" are slim to none. 

This Nonprofit Strategic Planning Course has helped me increase the growth of MANY nonprofits and now YOU can have it to help your nonprofit or (if you are a consultant) the nonprofit's you serve! 

You get online videos, downloadable templates and worksheets, access to a private FB group, and LIVE group monthly accountability calls. Oh, yeah.  

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the program delivered?  

A. You have instant access to all modules (videos and downloadables) of the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Class. 

Q. What about the bonuses?

A. After you purchase the course you will be invited to the Private Facebook Group and given the Zoom link to the monthly group coaching calls. You will have six months to take advantage of your free, 30-minute 1-on-1 call with Holly. All other material is lifelong.

Q: Can I be successful with this program?  

A: First, we have to define the word success.  

If you’re hoping to find a silver bullet that requires very little work on your part and still guarantees the nonprofit is successful, then this program isn't for you.  

However, if you are looking for a system that has a proven track record of helping nonprofits and freelance consultants get more done, then The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course is a perfect fit!  

Q: How long do I have access to the course?  

A: You have unlimited, lifetime access to this version of the course. You can retake the course as many times as you'd like. All the material will be continuously updated.  

Q: How much time does the class take?  

A: Each lesson is designed to be taken in less than 20 minutes. However, each module's application may take longer.

Q: How long are the videos?

A: I really believe in the value of content rather than the length. Plus, I know you got other things to do. So, each video averages six minutes. But don't let the short time fool you. What you need to learn is there with so much value that you have the time to watch them while drinking a coffee (each module has multiple videos).

Q: How do I access my coaching calls with Holly?

A: You get one free 30-minute 1-on1 call with Holly and will receive that link through Calendly. This free call expires December, 31st 2020. If you would like to take advantage of your 50% lifetime discount for coaching calls with Holly, then you are able to book those through a calendly link. You will be billed seperately for these calls.

The Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course  

When you join The Nonprofit Stategic Planning Master Course you get access to the full course including:  

Limited Bonus. Strategic Planning Calendar Everything you need to change your planning forever

47 video tutorial lessons. All accessible in our easy-to-use, fully mobile optimized custom learning platform. 

25 Step-by-step checklists and worksheets. Customized to your productivity plan, we give you a walkthrough on every thing that needs to be done and when it needs to be done. 

Access to the Changemaker Private FB Group. Learn from others and have direct contact with Holly.

Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls with Holly. This is a specialized group that only course members have access to.

Certificate of Completion. You want to increase your credibility, right? This Certificate of Completion will be delivered to you once you finish the course!

50% Lifetime Discount on Private Coaching with Holly. Because a 60-minute call with an expert can save you hundreds of hours. You will ALWAYS get 50% off private coaching sessions. 

Lifetime Access. You have unlimited access to all of the material to take at your own pace and reference long into the future. Also, Holly always updates courses and adds new bonuses. You will always get access to any updates and new bonuses.


or six monthly payments of $85