90-Days to your Nonprofit's GROWTH

How to get out of the nonprofit burnout cycle and be prepared for nonprofit GROWTH in 2019

A Ten-Week System Starting September 24th, 2018


Why the 90-Day Nonprofit Improvement Course?

Are you ready for your nonprofit to have the best year ever? January is right around the corner, so the time to get prepared is NOW

The 90-day Nonprofit Improvement Course is a hybrid course that will help your nonprofit be prepared for 2019. 

Are you tired of the same old fundraisers? 

Are you tired of not applying for that grant AGAIN? 

Are you tired of just being tired because you are putting virtual fires everyday instead of focusing on GROWTH for your nonprofit?

Let's get energized and focused. Because if you don't do it now, the chances of doing it "someday in the future" are slim to none.

This 90-day Nonprofit Improvement Course is a BETA group where you will get online videos, downloadable templates and worksheets, and monthly accountability calls. Oh, yeah. 

Let's make 2019 the BEST year yet for your nonprofit!

- Holly Rustick, Founder of WEGO

 See what WEGO clients say about working with us

“Wish Granted! is the perfect tool for both the new grant writer and the seasoned pro. Holly Rustick used a combination of clear language, humor, and spot-on anecdotes to turn an often-chaotic procedure into a streamlined process. Her step by step techniques provide an east to follow template. You’ll never agonize over creating a grant proposal again!” - a testimony on the book from Susan Keillor, LSW, MBA  


"I have been working with Holly Rustick for two years. She has the ability to navigate through the grant processes with ease. She takes complicated ideas and programs and turns them into objectives and deliverables. She is able to bring life into a program through her writing and ability to comprehend different subject matters." - Julie Ann Hartup, Micronesian Conservation Coalition  

"WEGO Consulting has literally saved my nonprofit hours of work, and has increased our workable income by clarifying our projects and helping us with budget planning." - Leone Rohr, Parents Empowering Parents of Children with Disabilities

"Holly's experience in the grants arena has proven to be valuable to Sanctuary!" - Theresa Arriola, Sanctuary, Inc.  

"During the (board training) presentation I texted Holly’s contact information to other boards."  


"Holly has a wonderfully natural style of teaching while keeping her training very specific to the organization. Her teaching style forced innovative thinking and honest interaction of the board of directors."  


Week One: How to Set up Your Nonprofit for Success

Sept 24 - Sept 30

What you will learn from this module:

  • How to efficiently work with your team
  • Prepare a boss schedule
  • Get clarity on your why

Week Two: SWOT Now?

Oct 1 - Oct 7

What you will learn from this module:  

  • Strengthen what works, mitigate what doesn't work 
  • Review wins and challenges
  • Eliminate staff burnout
  • 10X staff morale

Week Three: Mission and Vision 

Oct 8 - Oct 14

What you will learn from this module: 

  • Clarify nonprofit mandates
  • Review and reflect on your mission and vision
  • Learn the importance of succinct statements
  • Edit Mission & Vision Statements

Week Four: Clarify your Target Demographic 

Oct 15 - Oct 21

What you will learn from this module:

  • Outline and assess (or re-assess why you serve  
  • Get tools to create survey instruments
  • Needs and Strengths Assessment 

Week Five: Resource Mapping & Setting up Tracking Systems

Oct 22 - Oct 28

What you will learn from this module:

  •  Outlining donors, in-kind, volunteers, and partners
  • Get all tracking systems and learn how to use this simple forms

Week Six: Articulating Goals & Objectives

Oct 29 - Nov 4

What you will learn from this module:  

  • How to clarify your Big Audacious Goal
  • Get serious on your SMART objectives 

Week Seven: Projects, Projects, Projects

Nov 5 - Nov 11

What you will learn from this module:

  • Identifying the best-fit projects that meet the real needs of your nonprofit
  • Put into practice what you REALLY need to do for success  

Week Eight: Evaluating and Reviewing Projects

Nov 12 - Nov 18

What you will learn from this module:

  •  Learning evaluation methods
  • Developing logic models that make sense
  • Identifying inputs and outputs

Week Nine: Data Collection

Nov 19 - Nov 25

What you will learn from this module:

  •  Outlining donors, in-kind, volunteers, and partners
  • Get all tracking systems and learn how to use this simple forms

Week Ten: Creating Timelines & Scheduling Funding Strategies

Nov 26 - Dec 2

What you will learn from this module:  

  •   Create timelines to move your nonprofit forwad
  • Schedule your 2019 calendar
  • Create deadlines and delegation strategies
  • How to stay on top of grant, fundraisers, crowdfunding, corporate solicitations, etc.

Wait, that's not 90 days? 

Well, we will have an additional two weeks where we will review one (1) funding application

In addition, you get the following BONUSES! (Holy smokes, Batman, this is some MASSIVE content! And I get accountability to actually get this stuff done? Wowza!)

  • WEGO will identify FIVE (5) BEST-FIT and Customized Funding Sources for your nonprofits
  • Monthly 60-minute group phone calls LIVE, with 15-minutes of Q&A! 
  • Fun, special bonus when you sign up (might have something to do with branding, wink-wink ;) 
  • Review one (1) Funding application

How it Works

Just sign up and you will get a log-in! Once the course starts, you will get an email every week with all the new videos and downloadables! Don't worry, though, because you will get access to the course even AFTER the 90 days! We will do a live call-in every month! Woo-hoo! Easy peasy. 

  • Weekly videos (above schedule): $250 $100
  • Weekly downloadable tips and templates $100 FREE
  • Monthly 60-minutes Live Call-in Webinars with 15 minute Q&As: $450 $50
  • One (1) Review of a Funding Application: $500 $150
  • Customized Five (5) Best-Fit Customized Funding Sources: $500 $195

Total: $1,800 BETA Price ONLY $495!

A CRAZY Discount of $1,305 to be part of the BETA group! This is a Limited, One-Time Price!


A minimum of 10 Nonprofits to sign up for the 90-day Nonprofit Improvement Plan BETA Group! Get your place before all the slots fill up! 

Claim Your Spot Now

Register TODAY to get one of 10 slots!


1. Do I need internet to access the 90-day Nonprofit Improvement Plan? 

Yes, to access the videos and downloadables you are required to have internet.

2. Are these videos live? 

All weekly videos are recorded so you can download them. The monthly call-ins will be live so you can ask your questions directly to Holly, but these will also be recorded in case you aren't able to make the calls.

3. Do I need to participate?

Yes! These are ALL actionable items to implement in your nonprofit! As part of the BETA group you will also be asked for testimonials! 

4. The course is closed :( How can I access the group?

The Beta course is limited, but I will be launching another course in the beginning of January, 2019 (although the price will increase!), so stay-tuned. 

5. I want more information, please! How do I get ahold of Holly?

Please email holly at hollywego@gmail.com or visit us at www.grantwritingandfunding.com.